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About Our Agency

Mr. Marco Barnes Jr, began his entrepreneurial quest in 1984 after graduating from Sandalwood High School in his hometown of Jacksonville Fla.  He entered the United States Air Force as an E-2 and was immediately thrust into a leadership role. He quickly learned the importance of furthering his education and communication skills, as he was in charge of peers who were 26-35 years old, and he, being only 19 years old, needed to learn fast and effective motivational strategies and techniques to be a successful communicator.  It was while in the Air Force that Mr. Barnes began to understand his spirit of entrepreneurship.  He created side jobs, i.e., shining shoes, preparing inspection uniforms, or lending money to fellow Airmen when warranted.  At 6’5” tall, Mr. Barnes was also a hot commodity on the basketball court having excelled in High school and playing for his Command in various overseas tournaments.  Mr. Barnes was offered a Scholarship from Pima Community College in Tucson, AZ.  He was allowed to be released 1 year early from his enlistment in the Air Force to attend the College.

Pima community College is where Mr. Barnes thrived in the classroom, but being much older than most of his classmate, and having a family to support, he became eager for an opportunity to move forward.  During the summer after his freshman year he took an internship arranged by one of his professors in Toronto, Canada working for a mergers and acquisition company.  The young entrepreneur found his life’s calling.  This is where he learned the “art of the deal”, the marketing, buying and selling of companies, and the ins and out of the high finance markets.  The position was exciting and challenging for a young man who found business concepts came to him very easily.  Normally to gain a job in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions you need an MBA.  The owners of the company however saw something in Mr. Barnes and after the summer program ended offered him a position in the company which began a journey that would forever change his life.

Mr. Barnes was immediately enrolled in a vigorous training program to learn the business and he had to compete with MBA’s from some of the most prestigious business schools, not just in Canada, but America as well.  After 26 weeks, Mr. Barnes graduated tops in his training class and on his first deal saved his company over $1,750,000.  His legacy had begun.  Mergers and Acquisitions was Mr. Barnes’ passion for the next 5 years as he help over 500 businesses find financing, and he structured buyouts totaling $550 Billion dollars. He then took his talents to Wall Street working with Merrill Lynch. He learned about the Stock Market, and the how the market was used by investors to raise capital for marketing, and create future gains on their investments.  After working on Wall Street for 1 year Mr. Barnes felt a calling to "Pay It Forward." Using his knowledge of finance and marketing, he began work for the World Bank.  There he learned about financing countries, and working for underdeveloped nations around the Globe, such as Morocco, Namibia, Czech Republic, and Yugoslavia.  The World Bank led Mr. Barnes to want to help minorities especially, understand the process and flow of money.  He felt that, as minorities, many wanted money for business ventures, but had no grasp of how to tell the story in a way that a Bank or Angel Investor would want in order to be lent the money necessary to grow their venture.  He returned to the States and began to set up his first enterprise in Tucson, AZ.

He started MergerOne Consulting, as a way to help business minded individuals find Venture Capital and Angel Investors for their business ideas.  He wrote business plans, provided guidance on selection of the right Venture Capitalist to submit proposals to, reviewing Business plans, presentations, marketing materials, and spreadsheets for his client base.  While trying to buy his first home Mr. Barnes became annoyed at the way he was treated by his loan officer and the lending institution.  He understood financing enough to know that he was not being treated fairly.  He soon found out that he was right, after transferring his loan, to Worldwyn Mortgage, another lender.  It was there that he learned more about Real Estate and Mortgages. The owner helped him understand the marketplace and the business.  He worked for 1 year with Worldwyn becoming the Top Producing Loan Officer in the Company.  Knowing that there was more work to be accomplished Mr. Barnes embarked on his own venture and ALLPRO Mortgage was born.  Over the next 15 years ALLPRO Mortgage became one of the largest Financing and Real Estate companies on the West coast. The company had offices located in 10 States and had over 580 people in their employ.  The company also owned a loan processing company that handled their loan paperwork in house, and for over 100 other Brokers in the industry, closing on average over 600 loans per month.  ALLPRO Mortgage continued to grow, and in 2004 established a $20 million dollar line of credit in which it would later use to become its own Mortgage Bank.  Mr. Barnes has raised and financed over $450 Million for people to buy homes and use their real estate as a means to start a business, pay for their children’s education, or pursue other investment avenues.  He has personally trained over 1000 loan officers who have moved on to become successful entrepreneurs or top producers for other companies.  He expertise in marketing created branded companies which thrived in ever changing, fast paced environments.  Creating everything from Business cards, Brochures, Logos, to White papers, Email campaigns, Recruitment and training materials.

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